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Nantong TV took part in the selection of public service ads in the Eight Honors and Eight shames. So channel wanted to create two public service ads in this point, and placed high expectations.
Demand / slogan: Faith in waiting/Light a light for others.
"Waiting ", we used the contrast characters of young people and aunt. In the video, this young people are designed to be impulsive and impolite, but after the aunt’s probation, there is a change in the role of this young people. So the audiences have a more profound impression on the two roles.
This video emphasis the purpose of "waiting" .It’s not about money, but is waiting for the faith.

In the video of "Lighting ", we use a child as the main character, who represents hope. The heroes’ lighting represents the hope. This child is a object to be helped, and also takes pleasure in helping the spirit carry on. Cares for children of workers reflect a light which is a concept of the lighting of future.

"Lighting " won the 20th Chinese TV Star Award for literature and art.
"Waiting" had been selected CCTV stressing civilization, establishes a new trend of the Olympic Games activities, Shandong Satellite mobilization of public service advertising network selected the first contest.

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