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Channel Young Media is a wholly owned subsidiary of SMG. Channel Young is the main part of the Young Media companies are still one of the channel was born in Shanghai in 2002, formerly known as lifestyle channel, in June 2009 officially changed its name to Star Jean channel, channel aim is to "lead the fashion culture and promote quality of life." Program content to showcase, interpret and guide the culture of the world's fashion trends, record, capture, found that the details of morphological changes in the main urban life. Channels in the brand image, has been the lack of an overall concept and brand positioning, brand uniqueness and the lack of guiding there.

Demands: a landmark guide of Fashion - fashion axis
Through the "fashion axis" into the establishment of channel young is still in the fashion leader in the role of culture, and strengthen the audience right channel fashion positioning of awareness, and thus a more systematic interpretation of channel " Leading the fashion culture and promote quality of life "in the subject. Axis is still in-depth, so that the audience more deeply feel the channel for the capture of urban life and fashion culture, reading, making channel location and program content to achieve a close fit, constitute a comprehensive system for a unified brand.

Channel has established a brand image of a unified identification system, brand image and program content has a new fit, so that channel the image to be a better promotion.

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