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3Kou Branding/3Kou Films

   By 2010, Hangzhou movie channel (HZTV-4) and HuaShu digital TV media group cooperation, common launched a new interactive media brand "UTV". 3KOU have invited to be the channel of the overall image planning upgrade edition with packaging.

In 1929, when people first saw television, television began to quietly changing people's life. By 2010, today, three in one's life, UTV began to change the TV, let everyone be content. Therefore, three more colorful life from awful-sounding the colour system and changeful packaging solution to the LOGO, you UTV interpretation "brand manifesco" this one TV.
As a new interactive media brand, UTV creative team with innovation, make the determination of cooperation with 3KOU reached consensus on the unification, unanimously decided to abandon nowadays TV packaging material and pursuit of three-dimensional space feeling, use the most concise style, the most direct picture of information content, so be quick image recognition channel and memory.

   UTV from 2010 launched on September 25th, ratings way has soared, hangzhou has become the focus of people about the streets and lanes.

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