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Fujian TV News Channel began broadcasting on May 23, 1999, is China's first professional television news channel. A time when the tenth anniversary of the launch, channel hope that through the past, so that the audience feel themselves and the channels of interaction between an organic relationship, but also expressed the channel’s mission for "news ten years, the responsibility of a lifetime" and its wishes for "recently distance, comprehensive analysis, Fujian news channel, in-depth measuring life ".

Slogan: News decade, the responsibility of a lifetime.
Recently the distance, comprehensive analysis, Fujian news channel, depth, measured life.
Multiple display channels close to the audience's perspective, to respond to the audience their own lives, the interpretation of measured channel depth of the inner life, and strengthen brand recognition channel behavior of the core.

The information from the Channel: the ratings are not only good but also very good on May 23.

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