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3Kou Branding/3Kou Films

2004.7, Dragon Children’s TV launched. The target population is children aged 0-14 in Shanghai. It was one of professional children's channel in China at that time.
In 2007, Station Radio and Television Bureau changed approve the Dragon Children’s Channel was renamed the HAHA TV, and become the first domestic brand with their own children's channel. To 2009, HAHA TV has established a complete industrial chain of the brand system. It become the excellent brand of the media industry,

We build a mascots named HAHA. Haha and his friend tangram became the visual elements. They appeared in Id, menu once and once. So they can become the childeren’s friend.
In 2007, its brand identity is more strengthened. To 2009, Haha have been gradually established a "Haha Illustrated", "Story Castle", "Haha website", "Little Star" and other industry board, and form a comprehensive, multi-brand experience development framework. We are fortunate to have been accompanied by the growth of Haha, create and record the Chinese children's joy ... ...

After more than five years of carefully cultivated, Haha and HAHA TV become a well-known children's media and get the first prize of 2006 outstanding children's channel. It has become the Chinese leader in the ranks of children's media.

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