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3Kou Branding/3Kou Films

Channel Young, which is under SMG, cooperates with 3Kou Branding and its international, to build a Fashion Empire which will be the leader of fashion culture trends.

In 2003-2004, Channel Young's target audience is young people, and its brand position focused on the spirit which is free, fashion, modern, vague, and disobedient. The Orange color is quite fit for Channel Young's position, as the color makes people feel like sunny, active and energetic.
In 2005-2007, Channel Young adjusted its position, and here came the new brand spirit, "Calling For A High Quality Life", to lead people the new life atitude "a whole new life with heart". Based on Channel Young's visual asset and jingle, we improved the TV-visual expression by creating the brand concept of "orange space" in which the ordinary life will be better .

In 2003-2004, the usage of orange color on TV performance gave the audience a very deep impression, providing a good base for brand development.
From 2005, the visual magic expression of the "orange space" on TV brought audience the joy of vision.

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