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News Channel is the best one in Ningbo TVs. Leaders hope the channel’s image can be improved fully, namely, more authoritative and impartial and shoulder the responsibility of Ningbo Development. And they hope to excavate the qualities of Ningbo ,that is, open, honest,and pragmatic .Then the News Channel can become the preferred news channel in Ningbo in one year time.

“to Build harmonious Ningbo”,we should “love Ningbo”,and “pride for Ningbo”first. For media, we should not only advocates ‘find beauty in Ningbo”,but also “find the details what is familiar and ignored”.So we intercepte the graphic elements of logo as the main identify elements of the channel. Blue-based multi-color system stressed the channel's personality and characteristics. As comprehensively unity the packaging,office designation,VI system and hosts image,the visual impact is strong.

Multi-color system brings strong freshness.Blue-based and multi-color system with the use of oblique square conveys the channel personality that is authority and affinity.The beauty of details in promotional film series also expresses well “find beauty in Ningbo”.Moderator Propaganda also combines well the channel style,column personality and host

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