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Over the years, JXTV City Channel has been the leading channel in market share within Jiangxi Province, and its layout and involvement in cross-media channels is relatively sound. In 2008, the channel seeks for greater breakthroughs. In order to lay the foundation for the brand promotions in the future, the channel hopes the brand takes a new look with outstanding overall performance, simplicity, uniqueness and inheritance.

Appeal / Slogan: Listen to the City’s Voice with Heart
By carefully listening to all voices in the city, we re-organized the people, things and matters in their daily life, thus make the audience feel the real life again. At the same time, this solution also reflects JXTV City Channel’s intention to listen to people's voice with heart.
JXTV City Channel is the second channel of JiangXi Television Station. As a result, we use the mirror effect of “2” to produce a shape of heart and to match the indication of “heart” in the slogan.
In color, according to the original visual asserts of Golden sets, we keep the color of gold as the solution.

The channel director is very satisfied with the increasing ratings after the tatol package. The new slogan “Listen to the city’s voice with heart” is an upgrade for both the audience and the channel itself. Based on the Community Services Department’s telephone survey, the channel has got the good feedbacks of the new slogan and package.

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