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At the end of 2007, Chengdu Media Group put a lot of efforts to re-brand six channels under it. Chengdu News Channel (CDTV-1) is No.1 in all the six channels. It’s subject to the Party and the government, so the government concerns it much. Chendu TV News Channel was named previously Channel 15 with mature programs and host resources, which had a social impact in the old-aged audience in Chengdu. Due to the requirement of the channel’s leadership, Chengdu TV News Channel implemented the re-branding by steps. The first phase was asked to be done before 15, October. In the section, the task was to introduce the brand new images and emphasize the concept of “15=1”, making the audience gradually accept the concept of “the first channel”.

We concluded the meaning of “1” of CDTV-1, revealing the concept of “1” to establish the dominant position for the channel. “1” was the symbol of the best. CDTV-1 is the channel which had the most resources in the city and the only channel logo in Sichuan province. “1” was the serial number of Chengdu TV News Channel.
We applied the solutions “specific scenarios + host+1" to convey the values and senses of mission of the channel. Together, we used the strong contrast colors yellow and blue to enhance the impact of the on-air system.

After this re-branding, CDTV-1 stood out the other five channels under Chengdu Media Group and attracted audiences. The new branding made audiences recognized the channel in a short time and had a good impression on it. The ratings increased significantly.

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