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Community Public Services:‘Love My Hometown’PSAs collection activities in Sichuan Province

For the purpose of implementing the "urban cleansing works" arrangements of the Sichuan local government regarding the development of comprehensive management of urban and rural environment, and spread the events in order to call out resident joining volunteering services and enhance the quality of people's level of civilization, the Provincial Communist Youth League in Sichuan Province launched “Love My Hometown” PSAs collection activities during April 20 to December 31 in 2008 and some of good works were on show in defferent media at the same time.

Spread the specific activities by showing good PSAs works in different media as well as call out resident to involve in a series of community activities which organized by the Provincial Communist Youth League in Sichuan Province.

We invited some AD and filming companies as well as four design & art colleges and universities in Sichuan to join the activites, totally received more than thousand pieces of graphic works and nearly a hundred film and television works include flash till June 30.

I Love My Hometown

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